At Green Vine Marketing, our number one goal is to get YOU more customers. You can have a pretty website and flashy marketing materials, but if your campaign isn’t bringing in customers then, to be honest, we feel it is useless.

We believe that your online marketing campaign should run like a machine. Your website should be attracting new visitors from Google every day. Your social media should be creating a steady stream of referrals, and your newsletter should be generating regular repeat sales. This is our focus, and building your online marketing machine is our mission.

Headquartered in Downtown Denver, Colorado

Green Vine Marketing is a Denver based company with clients in 30+ states and 3+ countries.

Green Vine was founded in 2008 to address the online marketing industry’s lack of client focus. We decided to fill this need in the market by offering an exceptional service that small businesses could actually afford. Since 2008 we have grown phenomenally because of this attention to detail.

Here’s What Keeps Us Busy

Your brand talks with your potential customers on a daily basis. What is it saying?

In today’s marketplace, it’s critical to have an online presence that shines. That’s where we come in.


Senior Management Team

Shane Walton

Shane Walton


Founder of Green Vine Marketing, Shane has taught at universities around the globe and served the US State Department as a Fulbright Scholar. He is responsible for overseeing Green Vine’s new initiatives and platform development.

Jessica Walton

Jessica Walton


With an incredibly successful background in graphic design and marketing, Jessica oversees Green Vine’s day to day business operations, as well as personally managing our Customer Success Team and strategic partnerships.

Chris Holland

Chris Holland


Chris has spent his career in both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 America scaling corporate brand strategies and driving revenue lines. He leads our sales and marketing division while also driving Green Vine’s growth throughout North America.

We Started Off As A Small Family Business

In 2005, Shane and Jessica Walton started down the winding path which eventually led them to create Green Vine Marketing. They started with the vision of launching two t-shirt and social media companies, but after three years, five different web designers, and over $20,000 invested, they ended up walking away with nothing to show for their efforts.  “There are so many instances where fly-by-night marketing firms and web development companies take advantage of innocent business owners” says Shane. There are over 500 complaints against separate web design companies on RipOffReport.com, and there are over 48,000 exact matches when you search for web design scam. These “marketing” companies repeatedly provide a very low quality product, IF their clients get any product at all. “After going through this struggle myself, I decided that it didn’t have to be this way”, Shane says.


From their ordeal, Shane and Jessica saw the need for a high quality, reasonably priced online marketing firm that puts clients first. They sought out top design, development, and marketing talent, and in 2008 they launched Green Vine Marketing with the mission of creating outstanding results at a reasonable price. Since then, they have been putting client satisfaction and results first, and have changed the lives of more than 500 clients by drastically increasing sales for them. As Jessica explains the experience, “I’ve seen companies come to us that were on the brink of bankruptcy. Turning that failing company into a thriving business not only changes the lives of the owner and employees, but it also changes the lives of their families. That’s why I love what I do.” To get a better understanding of our clients’ experiences, check Green Vine out on the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or Google reviews.

Where Our Name Came From

The amazing, rapid growth of kudzu inspired our name, Green Vine Marketing. Kudzu is also known as the “mile a minute vine” and “the vine that ate the South”. This bright green vine can grow twelve inches in one day, quickly overtaking trees, bushes, and telephone poles. To provide a visual perspective on the vine’s growth, the picture to the left is a house. Yes, a house. For us, kudzu is symbolic of what your company want to do: grow like mad. And hence our name — Green Vine Marketing.

Our Team & Our Passions

We’re basically a bunch of geeks hanging out together in downtown Denver, CO.

We have our exceptionally creative team of designers, our tireless programmers, our SEO specialists (including past Google employees), our social media writers, and of course our front line marketing directors to bring it all together.  In sum, we have a lot of fun and love what we do.

But the best way to get to know our team is over a quick cup of coffee.  So come down to our office and see if we are a good match.