Graphic Design Portfolio

Your company is unique. You have your own story, and it needs to be told in a powerful way.

After the discovery phase, we create a variety of unique graphic designs for your review.  Then, based on your feedback, we create new designs. This process of open discussion and revision continues until you have a design that you absolutely love!

Click below to see how this process has played out in real-life projects.

What is the next step?

We work on a fixed quote within your budget
to make sure you avoid any surprises.


I was so impressed with their fast response to questions I had.This is a very well run company and one that will not disappoint!


Jamie Scott

J. Scott Interiors

Green Vine marketing was profession-al the whole way through.I certainly was very fortunate to work with them and thoroughly.


Dr. Jeremy Overholt

Inner Vitality

It has been a pleasure working with Green Vine Marketing to create my website. I now have a web portfolio I can be proud of!


Sonya Woodman

Sonya Woodman Art