Your ability to communicate with prospects and customers is a leading indicator your business’s success. Prior to making a purchase, some prospects may contact your business to inquire about the features or specifications of a product. Even after a making a purchase, some customers may reach out to your business for answers on how to use the product. Unfortunately, many businesses use a linear messaging system that consists of just one or a few communication channels. To succeed in 2019 with your business, you must break out of your messaging box by utilizing a variety of communication channels.

Embrace Digital Communication Channels

According to a survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, 72% of consumers prefer to communicate with businesses using digital channels, with email topping the list. Digital communication channels offer several benefits over physical or tangible channels, one of which being ease of use. It’s typically easier for a consumer to send an email than to call or visit your business, for example. And with email, you can harvest prospects’ email addresses for use in your business’s marketing campaigns, making this a win-win communication channel for everyone involved.

Get Social

Another digital communication channel to consider using is social media. If a prospect or customer wants to contact your business, he or she may send a message via Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. To utilize social media for communication purposes, you’ll need to set up and maintain a presence for your business on all the top social networks. And when you receive a message from prospect or customer, respond to him or her in a timely manner.

Don’t Overlook Phone Calls as a Communication Channel

With the rise of digital communication channels like email, you may assume that phone calls are no longer effective — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While most consumers prefer email, some are reluctant to use them because of technical barriers or privacy/security concerns. Therefore, relying strictly on email or other digital channels is a serious mistake that may cause your business to forfeit sales. Even with email and other digital channels, you should still offer phone calls as a method of communication to your business’s audience.

Personalize Your Business Communications

Regardless of which channels you use, you should personalize your business’s communications to achieve the strongest response by products and customers. According to Statista, 90% of consumers say that personalized content is “appealing.” It provides prospects and customers with a unique, custom-tailored experience that’s highly effective at driving sales.

As we enter 2019, you should evaluate the way in which your business communicates with its prospects and customers. No longer can your business rely on a single channel. To stay ahead of your competitors, you must adopt a dynamic communications strategy that includes a variety of channels.

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