Superior Roofing

When superior roofing decided to rebrand and update their website, they turned to Green Vine Marketing.  After developing their brand strategy, we started the custom design process for their website.


Brand & Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization

Logo Design

Nothing stands out for a business more than their logo. That is if the design follows a process to get to the heart of the brand. We worked over three months with Superior to revise fonts, icons color, and spacing to get it right. In the end, the final design was a refinement and modern take on the logo on which they built their business.

Modernizing The Brand While Retaining Recognition

Numerous Review Meetings & Detailed Revisions

20+ Design Iterations

Web Design

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WEB Design

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Each year, more content is consumed through mobile video, whether that’s through a provider like YouTube, or embedded on a website or shared on a social account. For Superior, we set a new standard for on-site project manager interviews. These short videos tell the story of a particular project and demonstrate, in person, the expertise of the company.


Industrial photography tells the story of each project you complete. Our team went on roofs from airports to theaters to capture the company’s staff in action, highlighting the quality (and danger) of what they do.


Copy writing

Copywriting frames and positions the work you already do. Our team looks for opportunities to capitalize on the match between your professional practices and your customer’s attitudes, beliefs, passions, and desires. When we wordsmith that balance, both you and your customer win.

Search Engine Optimization

Behind the scenes, we simultaneously developed a keyword strategy for SEO.

We built a framework between organic search and inbound leads to solidify their position in the commercial roof repair and roofing maintenance industry segments.

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(720) 295 - VINE
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600 17th Street, Suite 2810
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(720) 295 - VINE
(720) 295 - 8463


600 17th Street
Suite 2810
Denver CO 80202