Surviving COVID-19 and Remaining Financially Sound as a Small to Medium Sized Business

Everyone is wondering how to remain fiscally solvent when much of the country remains under stay-at-home orders as states work to increase COVID-19 tests and the medical community diligently works toward treatments and, hopefully, a vaccine that can stand up to the threat. The federal government isn’t the only organization that has provided some relief. Many businesses have committed funds, services, or tools to help small to medium sized businesses stay afloat during this unprecedented emergency.

First off, the time to complete your application for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan and the Payroll Protection Program is now. Funds are on a first-come-first-served basis, and once the allotment runs out, there won’t be a further disbursement, unless the federal government moves on a second round of support. At the time of this writing, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan is on pause due to an interruption in appropriations.

Facebook Small Business Grants

Facebook is rolling out small business grants for up to 30,000 small businesses. The first round of applications opened on April 18 for New York City and Seattle, two of the US cities hardest hit by the pandemic. April 20th will see applications open for San Francisco Bay area businesses, and on April 22, the application will open to all other eligible US cities.

These grants include funds, ad credits and more. Visit Facebook’s landing page for small business grants.

Online Skill Share

Several organizations have opened up free online learning options to help laid off workers develop new skills. Google has added additional free resources to its training portal, and SAS has opened free training in beginner computer programming or statistics skills to help learners begin a path toward a new career.

Tech Billionaires Grant Funds for Research

A group of billionaires have committed “fast grants” up to $500,000 for research into solutions in the fight against COVID. While this is a niche area and may not address your area of business directly, it represents a contribution from businesses that have become central to all of our lives.

Other Granting Organizations

For many regions, cities and professions, tailored grants have been made. Whether you are a researcher, specialist, or business owner, it is worth checking these organizations to see what the possibilities look like in your area. Following are a few links where granting organizations are listed.

Many organizations, including Apple, Microsoft and Google have increased their employee match, empowering employees to donate to nonprofits and community organizations.

Organize your Three to Six Month Marketing Plan

Every business needs to assess its current situation. A number of online organizations, from local business organizations, to lenders have organized lists, tools and tips to help you assess your current situation and take steps to manage your cash flow and debt.

Plan your Marketing and Messaging Campaign

Right now, Green Vine Marketing is providing one-hour consults to businesses working to organize their marketing and messaging efforts. Talk with us about your current circumstance and we will provide you a range of free to paid options to keep your voice clear, focused and on point in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Call us at (720) 295 – VINE. That’s (720) 295 – 8463, and let us work with you to organize your marketing and messaging response.