Regularly publishing high-quality content that’s relevant to your business’s target audience will help you attract new customers and also retain existing customers. Known as content marketing, it’s become a leading digital marketing strategy used by countless businesses. To succeed with content marketing, though, you must identify topics that are relevant to your business’s audience. Only then can you create high-quality content around those topics.

#1) Analyze Traffic-Driving Search Terms

Using Google Search Console (GSC), check to see which search terms are driving organic traffic to your business’s website. You may already know the top keywords for which your website ranks, but you probably don’t know all the keywords that are driving organic traffic to your site. You can view this data using Google’s free analytics tool, Google Search Console.

#2) Look at User Comments

You can also look at user comments on your business’s website and social media accounts to gain inspiration for content topics. See what users are talking about in the comments section. If you notice a lot of comments about a specific subject, try turning that subject into new content for your website. You may even discover some users requesting certain topics, which you can also use as the foundation for new content.

#3) Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a highly useful content marketing tool that can help you discover new, relevant topics. In just seconds, it can provide you with a list of hundreds of related questions to one of your keywords. To use Answer The Public, enter one of your business’s primary keywords and click the action button.

#4) Keyword Research Tool

While Answer The Public is technically a keyword research tool, it focuses primary on question-styled keywords. To gain insight into other relevant keywords, consider using an alternative keyword research tool. Moz’s Keyword Explorer is an excellent tool for this purpose, though you really need the premium version to take full advantage of it. If you have a Google Ads account, however, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool, which is completely free.

#5) Check Reddit

Reddit has become a popular content marketing tool used by businesses. The social media network allows users to post content — along with questions — in subreddits, which focus on a specific topic. To uncover relevant topics for your content marketing efforts, search for subreddits about your business’s niche or industry. Next, go through these subreddits to see what users are talking about.

Once you’ve identified meaningful content, the next step is to write and publish your content. You’ll want to use an integrated marketing strategy to publish your content across multiple platforms. If you’d like help developing your content strategy or producing and publishing content, give us a call.

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