5 Tips To Optimize Your Business’s Facebook PageUsed by more than 2 billion people worldwide, Facebook is the world’s leading social media network. As a business owner, you can take advantage of its near-limitless reach using a Facebook Page. Unlike profiles, Pages are designed specifically for commercial purposes, making them an invaluable tool in your business’s digital marketing strategy. For the best results, though, you should optimize your Facebook Page in the following ways.

#1) Vanity URL

You don’t have to use the default, generic URL for your Facebook Page. Assuming your Page has at least 25 likes, you can create your own unique URL. Known as a vanity URL, this is done by visiting www.facebook.com/username, while logged in to your Facebook account, and following the instructions.

#2) Video Cover

Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out a new way for businesses to customize the appearance of their Page: video covers. As the name suggests, a video cover is essentially a short video clip that’s displayed where the cover photo typically is. It’s a great way to differentiate your business’s Facebook Page from its competitors and make users remember who you are. Facebook supports video covers between 20 and 90 seconds long. All video covers must use 1080p resolution.

#3) Complete ‘About Us’ Section

When setting up your Facebook Page, be sure to complete the “About Us” Section. This section allows you to discuss your business and what it offers. If a user wants to learn more about your business, he or she may visit this section. Therefore, you should provide accurate, up-to-date information that reflects your business.

#4) Include a CTA

Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA) on your Facebook Page. The social media giant supports several different CTAs, some of which include a signup form, book now, contact us, use app, play game, shop now and watch video. With that said, you can only have a single CTA on your Facebook Page at any given time, so choose the one that’s best suited for your business. You can experiment with different types of CTAs, but only one will display at any given time.

#5) Publish Content

You can’t expect people to like or follow your Facebook Page if you rarely or ever publish new content. Content is the driving force behind every successful Facebook Page. So, try to publish at least three pieces of new content on your Page per week. Whether it’s text, images, videos or polls, your Facebook Page needs relevant, high-quality content to succeed.