trustrank2Winning the trust of your site’s visitors is essential to converting them into paying customers. If visitors don’t trust your website, they’ll be reluctant to hand over their credit card information. However, including the right trust signals on your website will have the opposite effect by encouraging sales and visitor engagement. So, what trust signals should you use?

About Us Page

Still haven’t taken the time to create an “about us” page for your website? It may seem insignificant enough, but visitors will pay close attention to this page, using it to determine whether or not to make a purchase. You don’t have to write an entire essay about your business, but you should include basic information like what your business does, when it was created, why you are the best, etc.

Enable Customer Reviews

Allowing customers to post reviews on your site is a great way to boost its trust and credibility. According to a study conducted by the market research firm Dimensional Research, 90% of respondents said positive reviews influenced their online buying decisions, while 86% said negative reviews influenced their decisions.

Use a Custom Web Design

Don’t make the mistake of using a generic theme or template for your website’s design. Sure, there are thousands of free web templates available, but they’ll end up costing you more in the long run. Customers may notice generic templates used on other sites, viewing your site with less trust. Spend the extra money and invest in a custom web design that’s tailored specifically for your niche

Highlight Social Engagement

Another simple way to make your site more trustworthy is to show your social engagement. For instance, consider using a widget or plugin that automatically displays your Facebook likes. When a visitor sees that 10,000 other people have liked your page from their Facebook accounts, they’ll feel more comfortable buying your product.

Adwords Seller Ratings

If you use Google’s pay-per-click marketing network Adwords to promote your website, be sure to take advantage of seller ratings. These are essentially rich snippet markups that display a 0-5 star customer rating within your ad. The website PPCWithoutPity claims that using seller ratings can double your conversions. Whether or not you’ll experience a 100% increase in sales remains to be seen, but the fact is that seller ratings will make your site more trustworthy, which should have a positive impact on sales.

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