5 Ways To Increase Your Ppc Landing Page’s Conversion RateWhat’s the conversion rate of your pay-per-click (PPC) landing page? A low conversion rate is a serious problem that will drive your advertising costs and lower your earnings per click (EPC). There are ways to increase your PPC landing page’s conversion rate, however, including the five methods listed below.

#1) Add Keywords

Regardless of which PPC platform you use — AdWords or Bing Ads — add your PPC campaign’s target keywords to your landing page. If you are bidding on the keyword “how to train your dog,” for example, you should include that phrase in your landing page. This allows visitors to make a connection with your landing page. When they search for “how to train your dog” and see that phrase on your landing page, they’ll feel more engaged, increasing the chance of a conversion.

#2) Place CTA Above the Fold

Don’t make the mistake of burying the call to action (CTA) at the bottom of your landing page. If users must scroll to see it, fewer will click the CTA, thereby lowering your conversion rate. This is why most PPC and digital marketing professionals recommend placing the CTA above the fold, such as the very top of a landing page.

#3) Mobile Support

Make sure your landing pages supports mobile visitors. Not everyone who visits your landing page will use a desktop computer. More than half will probably use a mobile device. If your landing page contains large graphics and fixed units of measurement (e.g. pixels), it may be difficult for these visitors to use. Therefore, you should consider adopting a responsive web design for your landing page so that everyone, regardless of device, can use it.

#4) Speed It Up

Your landing page’s speed — the time it takes to load — can influence its conversion rate. Long load times discourage visitors from engaging with your landing page. If it doesn’t load within a few seconds, users may exit out and visit a competitor’s website instead.

#5) Sell Visitors

Your landing page won’t convert visitors if it doesn’t motivate them to take action. Regardless of what your landing page sells, you must explain the value of your product or service and how it can benefit customers’ lives.

While all these tips can increase your conversion rate, perhaps the most important thing you can do it track conversion on a keyword level. Doing so allows you to see which keywords drive conversions and which ones don’t. And with this information, you can adjust your PPC strategy to achieve better performance.