Over the years, as we have worked with small and medium sized businesses we have worked with many successful business owners who have moved on to consult, coach or develop others as they launch and nurture their business endeavors. Many of these consultants have sought us out to build their websites, community platforms, communications channels and marketing plans to reach their niche business markets. We thought we’d give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we work with business consultants regardless of their area of expertise. So, this article is for consultants, but it’s also for any of you that have considered consulting and want to know what the groundwork looks like in setting up and launching, or expanding, your consulting marketing framework through an integrated campaign.

Dear Consultants:

As a consultant, you’ve likely built your business off of referrals. Word gets around in your community or business sector, and you get calls and emails from clients of clients or acquaintances of clients. Today, your local market may not cast a wide enough net. The internet offers consultants near limitless reach to connect with potential clients, but it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Are you looking for a way to increase your reach, build your audience, and capture more leads than you can through referrals alone?

Green Vine Marketing creates fully integrated digital marketing campaigns. Social media, web design, graphic design, motion graphics and photography are all key components in every campaign we build. Our mission is simple: to help you succeed by creating a contemporary, integrated approach to getting your value-creating story in front of the right people.

As a consultant, you live and die by the value you add to your client’s business, and when you are at your best, you consultants the most value for the right fee. Consulting is a varied and nuanced field, and you may have a niche specialization or multiple specializations that set you apart and provide greater value to your clients. As a consultant, you need to be familiar with where your specialization or specializations fall on the consulting spectrum to market yourself effectively. Here’s an overview of typical consulting specializations:

Management and Strategy

Consultants bring their knowledge and experience working with people and bringing the best out in a team. They help businesses establish a vision, short range and long range goals, and plan how to convince team members and other stakeholders to get on board.


Consultants help develop and streamline processes and protocols so that everything runs like a Swiss watch.


Consultants ensure that technology is helping businesses run efficiently and effectively without overspending on the IT budget or under utilizing technology resources.


Consultants help business ensure that team members are happy, motivated and on mission while keeping everyone up to date on industry best practices.


Consultants are brand-building and public image experts.

Whatever specializations and areas of expertise you have, framing is important. It’s much easier for management and executives to quickly comprehend what type of brain they are renting from the get-go, and positioning your expertise   goes a long way towards getting that metaphorical foot in the door. Businesses want information about potential consultants, and you need to make sure that your information is ubiquitous and easily acceptable across all channels. Too many consultants want to over reach and address marketing, operations, finance, design and a host of other areas.

Businesses are constantly vetting consultants they want to hire in multiple ways to gather background and experience information. So while the way you frame your work is important to narrow, the channels through which you communicate your expertise have diversified. Integrated campaigns assure your content is attractive, articulate and everywhere that your customer is. Let’s look at the key components of an integrated marketing campaign. By maintaining a broad range of touch points, you provide coverage so that your prospective customer sees you in a number of places, positioning yourself in a coherent worldview.


Your consulting website spells out your value proposition for visitors and potentially interested clients. It needs to be clean, concise and engaging with a minimum of fluff. Your site says “This is me, here’s what I do, this is why I will add value for your business, contact me and let’s talk about how I can support your business.”

Logo Design and Branding

Looks matter in business as well as marketing. You wouldn’t go to a client meeting in casual clothes, and your consultant’s logo should reflect your personal “best foot forward.” Creating a new logo is the first of many steps in rebranding your business with a sharp, clean and modern look and feel. A well-designed logo gives a professional polish to both your brand and your consulting.

Landing pages

You need a clearing house of sorts for all the clicks you generate on search results pages. Your landing page a place to make a specific offer to a targeted audience and collect leads. Like websites, landing pages need to get straight to the point and have a clear call to action for potential clients. Give them a reason to reach out to you so you can offer them the value you bring to the table.


A term that describes many pieces of marketing content, magnets are authentic written or visual products that attract business and generate leads from other sites like YouTube, consulting blogs, or other business resource sites outside of social media. These are best for expanding your reach and finding more of your audience outside of the confines of Facebook or LinkedIn.

Organic Social Media

Consultants are thought leaders in their specialization. You need content on social media that places you in the forefront of potential clients’ minds as the quintessential expert in your niche. By the same token, you also need to create shareable and authentic content to grab social media users’ attention and get them to click and “read more.”


To rank high on search results pages you need to ensure all content you publish is search engine optimized (SEO). This requires a combination of authentic content on your site and in social media posts so that Google and other search engines find your content relevant to more user searches.


Never underestimate the power of email. A weekly or monthly newsletter can generate more leads than you know what to do with over time. All you need is consistent branded authentic content that garners clicks.


Establish your own space for sharing your expertise and positioning yourself as an industry thought leader for your consulting specialization. Cross post blog entries to social media channels, and you may quickly find you have all the requests for further information you can handle.

Whether you are new to consulting and you are extending the range of your current products and services, or you are experienced in the field, but looking for new ways to present yourself to your audience, We’d love to talk with you about how to make your consulting business the first choice for businesses everywhere.

Give us a call at (720) 295 – 8463 or reach out through our contact page. We look forward to learning more about your consulting business.