The rapid adoption of broadband internet combined with faster and more powerful devices has paved the way for video ads. In the past, sluggish internet speeds prevented internet users from watching videos in real time, forcing businesses to rely on traditional advertising formats like text and banners. Now, however, video ads are offered by most of the leading advertising portals, including Google, YouTube, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So, are video ads worth pursuing with your business’s digital marketing strategy?

Billions of Video Ads Are Watched Each Year

Statistics show that internet users watch an average of 4.6 billion online video ads each year. They are now incorporated into mobile apps — Android and Apple — as well as websites, social media networks, forums, email programs and more. Regardless of your business’s audience, you can probably reach them using video ads.

Video Ads Attract and Keep Users’ Attention

Video is considered one of the most engaging forms of media, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that video ads attract and keep users’ attention. A report published by Ipsos found that YouTube video ads, when viewed on a smartphone or mobile device, attracted the attention of 83% of users. Basically, this means that 83% of users for whom a video ad is played watch the ad. Conventional 30- and 60-second TV commercials, on the other hand, only attract the attention of about 45% of viewers, attesting to the marketing power of video ads.

Video Ads Are Mobile Friendly

Video ads are mobile friendly, ensuring that your target audience can view them regardless of their device. This is important because more than half of all internet users now use a mobile device. If your ads aren’t mobile friendly, these users won’t be able to see them.

8 in 10 Businesses Say Video Ads Generate a Good ROI

According to Wyzowl, more than eight in 10 businesses say video ads generate a good return on investment (ROI). How much does video advertising cost exactly? It varies depending on the advertising platform, type of video ad, audience and more. On YouTube, however, you can expect to pay about 10 cents to 25 cents per video.

Video Ads Are Measurable

Like other ad formats, video ads are measurable, meaning you can track your advertising efforts by analyzing key performance metrics (KPIs). But video ads offer insight into KPIs that aren’t available with other ad formats, including views, view rate, watch time, viewer retention, clicks, engagement rate and more.

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