How many users follow your business/brand accounts on social media? When used correctly, social media is a powerful marketing tool that can attract new customers, generate more sales, and help grow your business. To reap these benefits, however, you need a strong following. Here are five simple tips to get more followers on social media.

#1) Define Your Target Audience

As with most digital marketing campaigns, you should first define your target audience. In other words, whom are you are trying to reach on social media? Usually, this is the same demographic as your business’s target audience. By identifying your target audience, you can customize your approach for a higher level of engagement and ultimately more followers.

#2) 5-3-2 Rule

Many social media marketers swear by the 5-3-2 rule. Basically, this means 50% of your content should be shared or curated from other users; 30% should be unique informational and non-promotional; and only 20% should be promotional. Far too many business owners focus their social media content strictly on promotional content, only to discover that few users follow them. If you only publish promotional content and ads, you’ll struggle to gain a footing on this platform. This is why it’s recommended that you follow the 5-3-2 rule when publishing content on social media.

#3) Add Buttons to Your Site

Assuming you have a website, add buttons linking to your various social media accounts. You can either hard code them directly into your site, or — if you are using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress — you can download and use a third-party plugin. Either way, you should display links to all of your social media accounts. Some visitors will click these links and follow your respective accounts, making this a simple and effective way to boost your follower count.

#4) Stay Active

One of the most common mistakes business owners make on social media is allowing their accounts to grow stagnant. When you’re busy running a business, you may not have time to log in to each and every social media account on a daily basis to post new content. And as such, your accounts will become stagnant with few-to-no followers. The good news is that you can don’t have to manually post new content every day. There are dozens of tools, such as Buffer and HootSuite, that automate this process. Using these tools, you can create and schedule your social media posts in advance.

#5) Engage in Discussions

You can also attract new followers by engaging in discussions with your existing followers. This gets people talking about your page, which may draw the attention of other users, some of whom may follow your account.