Your ability to communicate with your audience is a leading indicator of your business’s success. In advertising speak, this could be “share of voice,” what percent of the messages about your business category come from your organization? It could also be the open rate and click through rate of your email campaigns. It could also be the rate of organic engagement your social media posts receive through likes, comments or shares. In the world of TikTok, it could mean how many people repurpose a video you initiate, taking a bright idea and turning it into a viral sensation.

Prior to making a purchase, some people will contact your business to inquire about the features or specifications of your offer. Even after making a purchase, customers may reach out to your business to better understand how to use the product or service that they purchased. Unfortunately, many businesses use a linear messaging system that consists of a limited number of communication channels. To succeed in 2022 with a content driven marketing strategy, you must break out of your messaging box by utilizing a broad array of communication channels.

Embrace Digital Communication Channels

According to a survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, 72% of consumers prefer to communicate with businesses using digital channels, with email topping the list. Digital communication channels offer several benefits over physical or tangible channels, one of which being ease of use. It’s typically easier for a consumer to send an email than to call or visit your business, for example. And with email, you can harvest prospects’ email addresses for use in your business’s marketing campaigns, making this a win-win communication channel for everyone involved.

Your presence in the digital distribution and messaging world is even more important after COVID. Due to the pandemic, nearly everyone became comfortable with “isles online” pickup services, home delivery and online bulk ordering.To a certain extent, distribution channels have yet to fully recover. Labor shortages and lock-downs in various countries have resulted in ongoing issues with on time delivery – which means it is even more important to be able to communicate effectively with customers and the larger community alike.

Social Media

An effective social media presence is a must. One big reason is the multi-directional type of communication people experience on social platforms. When someone sees your content or a special offer on a social platform, they want to be able to contact your business right there. And they expect to hear back promptly. To utilize social media for communication purposes, you’ll need to set up and maintain a presence for your business on the social networks where your audience goes to engage. You’ll find them. They’ll find you. That’s the beautiful thing about social media.


With so many messages and ads about how to use social media advertising to make it rain, you’d think no one opens an email anymore ll find them. They’ll find you. That’s the beautiful thing about social media. Oberlo reports the number of email users at 4.3 billion sending 333.2 billion emails each day. In fact, they report the return on investment at $42 to $1. Email lets you 1. invite people to opt in to your messages, 2. present content in a timely manner, and 3. allows your audience to open and interact with your message when it’s most convenient for them. There are not many channels that allow a better way to build a customer relationship.

Don’t Overlook Phone Calls as a Communication Channel

With the rise of digital communication channels like email, you may assume that phone calls are no longer effective — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Relying strictly on email or other digital channels is a serious mistake that may cause your business to forfeit sales. Even with email and other digital channels, you should still offer the phone as a convenient way to contact you.

Personalize Your Business Communications

Regardless of which channels you use, you should personalize your business’s communications to achieve the strongest response by-products and customers. According to Statista, 90% of consumers say that personalized content is “appealing.” It provides prospects and customers with a unique, custom-tailored experience that’s highly effective at driving sales.

As we navigate the marketing landscape in 2022, evaluate the ways your business communicates with its prospects, customers, and the larger community. No longer can your business rely on a single channel. To stay ahead of your competitors, you must adopt a dynamic communications strategy that includes a variety of channels.

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