Content marketing isn’t just another buzzword that’s here today and gone tomorrow. It’s become a fundamental principle on which many small business owners base their marketing strategy. If you’re still on the fence about content marketing, keep reading to learn more about this technique and how it can improve your website’s visibility.

Search Engines Love Fresh Content

Search engines like Google and Bing use advanced algorithms to determine where and how to rank websites. However, the single most influential factor is content. Search engines crawl content to determine what the website is about, and using this information they’ll rank it accordingly.

Social Sharing

With approximately 3 out of 4 adults in the United States using social media, there’s a good chance that your business’s target audience is on social media. By publishing high-quality content to your website (and elsewhere), you’ll encourage these users to access and share your content on networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. And if your content is good enough, it may create a viral effect in which other users share it as well.

Establish Authority

A lesser-known benefit of content marketing is the ability to establish your business or brand as a leading authoritative figure. Assuming you focus on “quality” over “quantity,” your target audience will begin viewing your business as the leading figure for its respective niche or industry. Over time, this can help you attract new customers and generate more sales/conversions.

More Traffic

Of course, publishing high-quality content to your website also attracts more traffic. Your website will rank higher in the search engines, and for more keywords, which subsequently results in more traffic. All of that traffic also proves beneficial in boosting sales/conversions.

The bottom line is that every business website needs a strong content marketing strategy to succeed. It encourages search engines to crawl your site; encourages visitors to share content on social media; establishes your business as an authoritative figure; and it boosts traffic. See below for some tips on how to maximize the benefits of your content marketing efforts:

Content Marketing Tips:

  • Focus on quality over quantity.
  • Publish content that’s relevant to your business’s target audience.
  • Include images in your content.
  • Encourage users to share content on social media by including social buttons.
  • Identifying trending topics and keywords on which to base your content.
  • Break your content up into small sections so it’s easier to read and digest.
  • Use Google Analytics or a similar tool to analyze metrics.