The importance of managing your distribution channels has never been more important. 2020 demonstrated the importance of logistics. If you could get essentials to market, people would buy in bulk. A “normal” market isn’t like that. People have interests, biases and preferences. They make critical decisions during the buying process. You have to meet them where they are and engage them based on the way they think, feel and behave. As 2021 continues, and as we make our way back to a more normal economic scenario, it’s important to remember that a good marketing campaign meets customers where they are and broadcasts a message through multiple channels through an integrated strategy.

Where Are They?

In Your Community

The most important factor to remember is that your customers are still out there. Sometimes it might not seem like it, but they are there, in your community, longing for a return to social life just as much as you are. Reach out to them through grassroots marketing and Main Street organizations, letting them know you are there and a vibrant part of your community.


As more and more customers return to in-person shopping, signage, logos and in-store advertisements are returning as well. Now is the perfect time to refresh your stores and, if you sell through others, visit your retailers. Enhancing your point-of-purchase displays and endcaps can be great for making customers aware of and excited about your products again.


The past year has taught us about the importance of having a strong online presence. For many, the pandemic was a sink-or-swim situation. Unfortunately, not all businesses were able to rise to the challenge, but many were. As we learned about online sales, we also learned the importance of online storefronts and overall presence, structured data markups and alternative distribution channels like eBay, Amazon or Shopify.

On Social Media

A social media presence has continued to prove to be a valuable commodity. 2020 saw the rise of Tik-Tok and the lasting importance of other platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat. As 2021 progresses, look for these platforms to continue to play a crucial role in how we communicate, connect and consume.
Integrated Marketing Communications
To make the most of these old and new meeting places now is the time to revisit how you can best integrate your marketing so that it stretches across platforms and media in general.

Platform Postings

Social media works only if you capitalize on it by posting. Make sure your content is highly-interesting, engaging – which means it invites responses from your public, rather than just trying to garner clicks and likes – and on-brand. Posting on social media is easy. Posting effectively on social media can be difficult to get right, but it is powerful when you do. Look to make your social media presence one that inspires connections.


Blogging might seem old-school these days, but it is still an incredibly important part of any integrated marketing strategy. Blogs give you a chance to discover and express your voice. Not everyone will read it, but those who do are those you have the chance to convert and converse with. Use your blog as a way to draw attention to your company and your ideas, to announce new products and promotions and to acknowledge and assert your values. Plus, blogs are an excellent way to drive traffic to your brand’s website!

Public Relations

We live in a world that is now more hyper-focused than ever before on image, appearance and style. Minor actions now can have serious consequences down the road. So, it is vital to cultivate your brand wherever it exists, and public relations is a major part of the effort. Make sure that what the public sees is what you want them to see. If it isn’t, make sure you have the tools and expertise needed to change the narrative.

Public Appearances

In addition to “normal” marketing (knowing that “normal” doesn’t really exist anymore), it is also important to consider public appearances. How are you, the face of the company, getting your message out? Do you have a way to safely appear and spread the news of your brand? These could take the form of self-published podcasts or vlogs, radio appearances, TV spots or other audio and video. Whether you make a low-budget video for a Facebook post or craft a highly visible guest appearance on a YouTube channel, how the public sees you when unscripted and genuine is a critical part of your overall marketing puzzle.

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