Has your business achieved top-of-mind awareness with its customers? If not, you’ll struggle to generate sales while simultaneously allowing your competitors to increase their market presence. According to a survey of 200 marketing professionals published in the book “Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance,50% said that top-of-mind awareness is a “very useful” marketing tactic. Regardless of what your business sells, it can benefit from top-of-mind awareness.

What Is Top-of-Mind Awareness?

Top-of-mind awareness occurs when a customer automatically associates a product or service with a business. For example, most people probably associate cola with either Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Although there are dozens of different cola brands available on the market, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have dominated this market to achieve top-of-mind awareness with their customers. This same principle applies to all other products and services. When a business’s target audience automatically associated its products or services with its brand, the business has achieved top-of-mind awareness. So, how can you achieve and maintain top-of-mind awareness with your business’s customers?

Increase Brand Recognition

Brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness are closely related. When customers are exposed to your business’s brand elements — name, logo, saying, colors, song/music, etc. — on a regular basis, they’ll naturally think of your business the next time they want to buy a product or service it offers.

Here are some ways to increase your business’s brand recognition and achieve greater top-of-mind awareness:

  • Add brand elements to all marketing materials.
  • Stick with a cohesive branding strategy that uses the same brand elements.
  • Use targeted marketing channels to reach customers with your brand elements.
  • Encourage customers to like and follow your business on social media.
  • When selling products, use branded materials for boxes and packaging.

Reward Loyalty

You can also maintain top-of-mind awareness by rewarding customers for their loyalty. Statistics show that 71% of customers who participate in loyalty rewards programs say that it’s meaningful and helpful to their relationship with businesses. A simple loyalty rewards program encourages customers to choose your business again in the future. And when customers return for subsequent purchases, it helps to create top-of-mind awareness.

Offer Superior Products or Services

The quality of your business’s products or services will affect its ability to achieve top-of-mind awareness with its customers. If your products or services are inferior to your competitors, it’s unlikely that customers will continue buying from your business. Instead, they’ll choose a competitor from which to buy. A strong brand marketing strategy that builds top-of-mind awareness requires high-quality products or services that are superior to your competitors.

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