Sales volume and conversion rates are both heavily influenced by trust. If consumers don’t trust your business, they probably won’t purchase its products or services. And according to HubSpot, only 3% of consumers trust sales reps, making it difficult for businesses to effectively sell their products or services. Following through with your business’s promises and guarantees is one way to tackle this problem, though you can also build trust using high-quality content.

Quality Over Quantity

Creating fewer, better pieces of content is more effective at gaining the trust of your business’s audience than creating more, lower-quality pieces of content. You can publish 500 articles on your business’s website, social media accounts and other channels. If they are generic, poorly researched and poorly written articles, however, they may hurt your marketing efforts by causing consumers to distrust your business. Therefore, you should focus on quality over quantity when creating content for your business.

Project Technical Authority

It’s also important that you project technical authority when creating content. According to one survey, 63% of consumers view technical experts as being credible. To project your business as a technical authority, avoid making unsubstantiated claims in your content. Instead, include relevant facts, figures case studies and statistics — like the aforementioned statistic on how consumers view technical experts as being credible — that show consumers your business is an authority in its field.

Provide Value With Content

Your business’s content needs to offer value to its audience. Some businesses make the mistake of creating advertorial-heavy content that primarily highlights their product’s or service’s benefits. The problem with content such as this is that it offers little or no value to consumers. You can still mention your business’s products or services, but your primary goal when creating trust-building content should be making it valuable for your audience.

Reach Out to Influencers

Try reaching out to influencers in your business’s industry to see if they are interested in sharing your business’s content in front of their audience. You may have to provide them with a free sample, or you may have to compensate them for their endorsement. If you get an industry-relevant influencer to back your business, though, it will help build trust with your business’s audience.

Touch Up Your Content

Don’t forget to reevaluate your business’s content on a regular basis. Even after publishing an article, blog post or other content piece, you may be able to improve it with some simple editing. Statements that were once correct at the time of publishing, for instance, may now be outdated and inaccurate. By reevaluating your content, you can find and fix outdated statements that would otherwise promote distrust with your business’s audience.

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