It’s been a long time in the making, but Twitter is finally increasing the character limit of its tweets. Ever since the social media platform first launched, it has limited user tweets to 140 characters (including spaces). Of course, there’s only so much content you can squeeze into 140 characters, which is why some users have been asking for a change. Well, it appears that Twitter has listened, because the company recently announced a new 280 character limit for tweets.

As explained by ReCode, Twitter first began experimenting with the new 280 character limit in September. At the time, however, it only affected a small group of users. Most Twitter users will still under the platform’s previous 140 character limit. This was merely a test to see how it performed.

Apparently, the new 280 character limit went well, as Twitter is now planning to push the change to all users. So, what prompted Twitter to change the character limit of tweets, and how will this affect marketers who use the social platform?

There are a few factors that likely played a role in the change, one of which is the simple fact that URLs often consume a substantial amount of the 140 character limit. As a result, Twitter users were often forced to “shrink” their URLs before posting them to Twitter. The new character limit should resolve this issue by allowing users to squeeze longer URLs into their messages.

Additionally, Twitter users had found workarounds to the 140 character limit, such as posting multiple tweets consecutively. If a user couldn’t fit a message into the standard 140 characters, he or she would simply make two or three tweets. Alternatively, some users would write a message in Word or Notepad, save that message as an image, and then upload it to Twitter.

So, what does this change mean for business owners and marketers who use Twitter? It means you can make longer tweets. Instead of limiting your tweets to 140 characters, you can make them up to 280 characters. Whether you create tweets manually or use a social media tool like HootSuite to automate the process, you should adjust your strategy accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that Twitter is slowing rolling out this feature; therefore, you may not see the 280 character limit available in your account just yet. If it’s not available, be patient and keep checking back, as your account will eventually be upgraded.

What do you think of Twitter’s new 280 character limit?