Your business’s brand is more than a phrase or logo; it’s every little element that distinguishes your business from its competitors while helping customers remember who you are and what you sell. Due to its importance, business owners should take a proactive approach towards creating strong brand recognition.

Stick with Similar Colors

When creating visual elements for your brand — logo, headers, website design, etc. — try to stick with similar colors. You don’t have to necessarily use the exact same colors, rather you should keep the general style similar. This allows for a more cohesive brand in which customers recognize the colors and immediately associate it with your business.


The single most important tip to follow when creating a brand for your business is to make it unique. If your brand shares elements with other businesses, it may confuse customers as they try to determine which business the brand is for. Therefore, your brand should be entirely unique to distinguish it from your competitors.

Reinforce Brand in Marketing Materials

Direct sales/conversions isn’t the only goal when promoting your business; increased brand visibility is also a goal. The more people who know and recognize your brand, the more indirect sales you’ll make. Whether you promote your business online or offline (or both), be sure to include brand elements in your marketing material. Adding your business logo to an advertorial, for instance, helps customers remember who you are — and this can lead to more sales later down the road.

Be Consistent

As explained by Entrepreneur, business owners need to be consistent with their brand elements. You don’t want to use different brand elements in your branding campaigns; otherwise, customers won’t know which ones are authentic and which ones aren’t. Stick with the same logo, phrases, mascot and other brand elements when promoting your business.

Emphasize Values

You should incorporate your business’s values into its brand. If your business values customer service (as it should), you can reinforce this value in your branding materials. For instance, using a catchphrase like “The customer is our #1 priority” tells customers and prospective customers that you care. In turn, this instills a higher level of trust and confidence, which usually translates into more sales.

Emphasize Quality

In addition to values, you should also emphasize quality when branding your business. In other words, tell customers and prospective customers how your business is the best through the use of brand elements.