As we’re about to enter the roaring 20’s yet again, it’s time to start focusing on your business’ marketing potential for the new year. Planning and preparation are two critical elements if you want to make sure to grow business in 2020 and beyond.

So, to help you figure out the best methods and practices for your marketing plan, we want to cover the essential components to start thinking about right now. 2020 is just around the corner – are you ready?

A Multifaceted Approach to Marketing This Year

Regardless of your business or industry, you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to promote your brand. Instead, you need to understand various marketing channels and platforms so that you can maximize the potential of each.

The best way to ensure that you get a multifaceted approach to your 2020 campaign is to pick the right team. However, this group should consist of a lot more than a few marketing gurus and slick ad men. You need to take a more holistic approach to your promotion this year.

Choosing Your Team

By bringing together individuals from various departments, you can get a better sense of how your marketing strategies will converge. Here are a few examples of how a multifaceted team can inspire creative solutions.

  • Sales – your sales team will know which areas are lagging behind the rest and help you develop tactics to improve them.
  •  Product Development – which features and benefits are users looking for with your product? What add-ons can you integrate that will enhance the item’s usability? Get creative here – remember that putting a camera on a phone seemed strange at first, and now it’s standard.
  • Design – does your logo need an update? How about your ad layouts and colors? The right design for various marketing pieces can make a world of difference.
  • Accounting – how much money do you have to budget toward advertising? How can you get the most bang for your buck?

Each department or individual should have a unique goal that helps propel your overall campaign forward. By creating an overarching strategy and then segmenting it, you can be sure that your marketing will succeed. Also, it’s easier to pinpoint problems and correct them when you break everything down. Much of our most creative work comes with companies that include product managers, sales, operations and C level input in the planning process. More ideas give us a broader base from which to launch campaigns.

What Are Your Goals for 2020?

Having the right team in place is like building a solid foundation. However, what is your blueprint for the coming year (and beyond)? Where are you trying to take your business? Are you looking to expand to new markets, or increase your current share? Do you want to appeal to different demographics?

One thing to remember is that it’s okay to have multiple goals. Also, while an overall objective (i.e., building brand awareness) is necessary, you need to break it down into quantifiable components. For example, you want to increase your site traffic by 30% within six months, or you want to increase pages viewed by each visitor. By creating tangible goals, you can make sure that you’re on track to achieve them –and- the tactics developed within your plan have clear objectives.

Are You Prepared?

Marketing always sounds exciting on paper, but there is a lot of work that goes into any type of campaign. Even something as simple as a Facebook Ad can require countless hours of research and development. You need to be sure that your team can handle everything necessary so that your marketing can succeed. Here are some of the various channels that you’ll need to master for 2020.

Elements of a Compelling Marketing Campaign

  • SEO – for the most part, SEO is all about optimizing every page of your website. Also, be sure to include top keywords into any content you produce, including social media posts.
  • Web Design – is your company site the best it can be? Lackluster visuals, confusing layouts, and unattractive colors can turn customers away faster than anything else.
  • Graphics/Images – whether it’s pictures, vector art, or merchandising, the right images can make or break your marketing content.
  • Copywriting – while compelling visuals are necessary, you also need to tell a story with each ad component. Everything from social media posts to e-books requires excellent copywriting to get your message across.
  • Social Media – you need to understand the various social platforms and how they can enhance your overall marketing strategy.
  • Email Marketing – this is still one of the best methods to convert leads into customers. However, savvy consumers need fresh and unique messages to be convinced.

Finding a Marketing Partner

If you’re not prepared to handle the components listed above (and more), then you’ll have to find someone to help your campaign. It’s always tempting to keep these things in-house, but the fact is that you’ll get a better ROI when you balance internal efforts with a marketing partner capable of providing insights and production support.

Anything that your team can’t master (or learn quickly) should be outsourced. You can’t afford to wait for an extended learning curve – you need to act now. Determine which elements should be passed on and then find the right marketing team to assist.

Bottom Line: Let Green Vine Marketing Help in 2020

Green Vine Marketing not only understands what it takes to create a successful campaign, and we can provide targeted services across marketing channels. Make 2020 the best year for your business with Green Vine Marketing.